King's College London where maintenance is delivered faster than ever.

King's College London where maintenance is delivered faster than ever.

Facility Management times changed for King's College London. After 2 months of using Urbest the student's satisfaction was increased, as well as the speed of closing requests. Would you like to know more about this change management case? Find out more here.

King's College is ranked in the top 10 UK universities in the world (QS World Rankings 2020) and based in the heart of London with various facilities to manage.
With more than 27,000 students and many buildings to manage, the responsiveness to solve issues and the reputation was a battle for Bouygues Energies & Services, a leading european company in the facility management sector, in charge of the maintenance of the University.
The main 3 problems that this education institution faced were:

1_ Slow answers to student requests which could lead to bad reputation

2_ Issues coming through email, phone or in person - Makes it difficult for students and staff to track the resolution of issues

3_ No easy to use app to help students and staff report issues quickly

The university required a software that would communicate easily with students and staff, that would be fast and easy to implement in order to have a better experience.

And this is what Urbest did in record time. With a deployment of 3 months only, the maintenance team of Bouygues Energies Services started to see results about the students' satisfaction and issues' resolution.

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How was the collaborative software implemented?

To be able to develop this change of management, the maintenance team and Urbest worked together for 3 months in a 3 stages deployment, in order to learn at each step and build a strong base before launching it for all the students and buildings.

Stage 1  The trial stage
During November of 2019, a trial was developed at King's College New Hunt's House.
The Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine and the Dental Institute are based at the riverside Guy's Campus and the New Hunts House includes a library covering all aspects of biomedical science.

Stage 2 Validation stage
During December of 2019, only a month after starting the successful trial, a validation with Bouygues Energies Services - Urbest is deployed at King's College London.

Stage 3 Deployment
By the end of 2019, Urbest was deployed across 2 buildings (New Hunts House and Franklin Wilkins Building) and rolled out to all students and university staff.

The results.

After 2 months of Urbest deployment across all the facilities, the results and the user adoption superseded the expectations.

Satisfaction rating of the service provided at 92% of total jobs rated.

In the 2 months of the trial 40% of jobs are raised via Urbest.

Fast onboarding of Bouygues Energies Services in 8 minutes per member of staff.

How does this actually work?

You will probably ask yourself how staff members can be informed about an issue in a building from a student. Urbest provided the university and the students the ability to communicate about an issue in a very simple way, avoiding whatsapp or emails.

  1. From any device you can submit an issue - check this video on how to do that.
  2. You can select any category or even customise it as you see fit.
  3. Staff will be notified of any issue created and they can follow up using a simple dashboard view.

Once the issue has been done, you can give your feedback about the result.

“Urbest is user friendly, and saves me time as you do not have to find out who to contact.” Sylvine M, Bouygues staff member

Every CMMS maintenance tool has many features, but Urbest delivered the ones that allow you run your business 2 times faster.
King's College and Bouygues Energies found very useful the latest features:

Schedules, this tool lets you plan everything ahead and track the completion of any issue.

Checklist was created specifically for audits. With this feature you can check what needs to be done and transform problems into jobs.

Follow Urbest and stay tuned with the next maintenance management features.

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