Region Normandie, a 100% user adoption case of a digital partner for services.

Region Normandie, a 100% user adoption case of a digital partner for services.

This case study relates the example for maintenance and services of the entire administrative buildings (36,000m²) of the Region Normandie equipped with Urbest before expanding to high school management.

The digitalisation project to modernize maintenance processes and tracking of activities of the region started with a first group of buildings in the city of Rouen.

At first, the discussion between Urbest and the Region were about the lack of visibility and information for people on the field in high schools which represent an important part of the local authority's estate. There was no easy monitoring of requests, any ability to monitor daily updates and no understanding of jobs done:

- Technical issues were raised by teachers via notebooks

- Response times were not monitored since there was no data

- There was no procedure to ensure that requests are properly processed

- Difficulty in overall monitoring of building maintenance activity

Overall, despite the commitment of the technical teams and the willingness of the manager, the level of satisfaction of the school's users (teachers, staff, students) was mixed. Before considering a trial on high schools, the Region chose to try Urbest on their offices first in order to have an opinion before deciding to commit further and deploy to a group of schools.

Deployment stages

Test and Learn
Offices of Rouen May – Nov 2018

The trial launched in autonomy by the Region was a success. As a result, it led to the deployment on new sites in Caen (Abbaye aux Dames, Offices, parking spaces, several apartments). Not all agents were familiar with smartphones but the adoption went smoothly. From year 1 to year 2, the reaction time went up by 30%. Some issues were rated by end users requesting services which was a positive way to show the good work made by the facility management team.


Offices in Caen - 2019

The entire offices of the Region were equipped with Urbest (36,000m²).
An integration was made to link Urbest jobs with the inhouse IT team.


Additional Services - 2020-2021

Positive feedback and analysis validated the increased responsiveness and time saved with Urbest. With an easy adoption by users, the Region was in the best condition to extend Urbest to further services.

The results?

After 3 years the Region Normandie, easily manages its services and optimises operations

4.9/5 of satisfaction reported across all users

30% Improved responsiveness

4000 issues. Real-time data that can be used to better plan jobs

100% User adoption

Urbest is a partner in the digital transformation of the services and maintenance. New services are suggested every quarter to get into new area such as BIM and data management.


“Agents can easily report a technical issue (bad bulb, water leak, ...) illustrated with a picture if needed. Thanks to Urbest they report issues right away thus jobs from internal maintenance teams are faster.” Benoît le Rétif | Head of Innovation Region Normandie

“After 2,5 years of Urbest, we can’t imagine going backwards to what we had before.”
Technical Manager, Region Normandie

How actually does the maintenance process work?

1_Issue creation

An agent reports a problem and creates an issue in Urbest. Questions are handled through live messaging. Interventions can be scheduled. Maintenance managers can schedule jobs.

2_ Assignment

The manager decides on the follow-up and controls the operations, validates the quotes if necessary.

3_ Collaborative Job tracking

The technician receives the requests to be processed and updates the progress.

Would you like to see it with your own eyes? Check this demo

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